The Artiodactyls on Ice is a web-series created by Mikhail Pervushin and Nikolay Yeriomin. Devoid of nearly any narrative, it depicts struggles of two rather bad skaters, filmed in a very rough, amateurish way with a bad cellphone camera.

After Season 1 was released in 2015, show was prolonged for Season 2, which will be shot mostly in a different style, with some episodes being in Full HD.

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Show has a lot of alternate titles:

  • The Even-Toed Ungulates on Ice (alternate title)
  • Parnokopytnie na ldy (Russian Парнокопытные на льду)
  • Olenepodibni na lyodu (Ukrainian Оленеподібні на льоду)

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  • Show is confirmed to take place in some variant of the universes.

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