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PP Studio Logo (2007-present)

PP Studio is a Ukrainian independent film production company, founded in 2007 by Nikolay Yeriomin.

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Nikolay Yeriomin came up with the name "PP Studio" in the middle of 2000s and finally decided it as a final name for his production company in 2007.

"PP" in the abbreviation means "Picture Product", though it was concealed retroactively from the abbreviation itself in 2007.


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PP Studio's animated logo which is shown in the beginning of nearly every project since 2008 was designed and animated by Nikolay Yeriomin. It's first appearance was a short film The Bride's Revenge (Mest' nevesty), which Nikolay Yeriomin partially produced, distributed and did some work on such as title design and additional editing.


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Note: Specific episodes applied to cases when PP Studio was not in charge of production of every episode.

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